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June 6th, 2002

drink coffee

Putting PC Through "Workout"...

Just finished transferring 8 hours worth of nearly 20 year old cassettes of old "TRSE" recordings to CD, utilizing Adaptec Spin Doctor and Easy CD Creator. Think that is more than I've transferred ever within a day's time...still have hundreds of hours of material to go, however!
drink coffee

(no subject)

Now my own aunt is getting spam sent to my inbox...as if I don't have enough being sent to me already! Some "card" from "Funnycard.net", then a "follow-up" spam trying to sell me HBO and Cinemax! I was going to check the card out, until I saw they wanted the email addresses of five friends before I would get to the card! Needless to say, my hatred of "spam", I just turned off that page entirely! Not subjecting myself or any friends to needless spam!
I'm also subscribed to two great anti-spam newsgroups... alt.spam , and alt.kill.spammers .