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May 19th, 2002

drink coffee

First "Real" Viruses...now hoaxes!

Received an email last night from one of my aunts....

"I have received a message from my daughter-in-law. Her address book has been infected by a virus and was passed on to my computer. My address book has been infected by this virus. The virus (called jdbgmgr.exe) is not detected by Norton or McAfee. The virus sits for 14 days before damaging your system. It is sent by messenger and by the address book; whether or not you have sent e-mails to your contacts. I have checked, found the virus and deleted it. Please! Check your computer. Here is how to delete it. "

It continued after that giving detailed instructions on how to delete the file. Well, without researching it first, I followed the instructions and deleted the file. Afterwards, I looked up "jdbgmgr.exe" using the "search feature" on the Symantec Anti-Virus website. The site said there was an email virus "hoax" going around, something like a chain letter. The "jdbgmgr.exe" is actually a legitimate Windows system file, a "java debugger manager". Thus, following the directions on the Symantec site, I "re-installed" the file I had foolishly deleted, even though the only symptom the computer might have would have been not being able to display some "java based" applets and pages...but I go to a lot of those kinds of pages, so I figured I'd better be safe and re-install it. Full details on the hoax are HERE. So, if you get an email like the one I got, just ignore it. I emailed my aunt back, and a few other relatives she sent the email to, and alerted them of the facts.

Now for something completely off-topic: If you find yourself totally bored, and want to give yourself a seizure, go HERE.
drink coffee

(no subject)

I think "irc.warped.net" must be farked....
drink coffee

(no subject)

Looks like the "BellSouth FTP" thing is farked too...and the BellSouth Newsgroups!
drink coffee

Okay, BellSouth FTP is Back....

Out With The Old...

In With The New...

This new one feels more comfortable than the old one, it has one of those "gel filled" wrist rests. The old one had a "foam filled" wrist rest.