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May 1st, 2002

drink coffee

(no subject)

Just got in from getting a few things accomplished. Put in applications yet again at both the local Wal-Marts, a Texaco Harde-Mart, a Chevron convenience store, and drove out to check the progress on the "Target" they are building across the river(still laying the parking lot). Then I went by the post office, bought a money order and sent it off to my website host(don't owe them anything this month, just trying to "keep ahead"). Stopped by my lawyers office to see why he hasn't called me back, no one was there. Went by KMart and picked up some more tea, Diet Pepsi, and some Diet Barqs Root Beer. Stopped by another Texaco Harde Mart and filled up with gas and bought six "quick picks" for the $48 million Powerball drawing. After that, went by KFC and got a chicken liver meal, then finally came home. Just put a load of washing in the machine...going to lounge around the rest of the evening, unless someone calls me....
drink coffee

Save Internet Radio.....

Just got finished emailing the two senators and one congressman from this area, giving my support to internet radio stations....

Currently listening to online discussions on the subject HERE.
drink coffee

Oh, Really? You just THINK it will!....

Heh...got a slightly different kind of email just a while ago. It read "Your cellphone may be giving you brain cancer!"

Riiiggghhhhhtttt!....No it isn't, because I don't own a cellphone, you spamming idiot!