April 29th, 2002

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Another Update On My Son

In the mail today, I received a "payment coupon" book from the "Nebraska Child Support Payment Center". I called their number to inquire about this, since I have been mailing my payments to Baton Rouge still. Turns out the ex HAS moved up there to Nebraska and filed a support enforcement with the state of Nebraska. The state of Louisiana hasn't said a word to me about this!
The woman on the phone in Nebraska said they would be figuring up "arrears", but it currently showed I am only one month behind in payments, because the state of Louisiana has been forwarding the payments to Nebraska's Child Support office. I am not behind, I told her this, that I mailed my May payment just last week, to the Baton Rouge office. She said it probably just hasn't been forwarded yet. She said in the meantime, to just hold on to the coupons the state of Nebraska sent, and to continue mailing my payments to Baton Rouge until further notice, since the case has only been filed in Nebraska, and hasn't made it through the courts yet.
I asked the woman, since in the divorce papers it says the ex and I have "joint custody", was it legal for the ex to have moved so far away without letting me know in advance. The woman said, yes,it was, unless there was a stipulation otherwise in the divorce papers...which there isn't.
I asked did they have a current address or phone number so I could at least contact my son. They do, but can't release that information "until the Support Payment" thing goes through the Nebraska/Louisiana courts, and THEN only if the ex is willing to pass the information on to me! First thing to cross my head at that statement was, "This is TOTALLY fucked up!" It has been over a year since I've seen my son, and I guess at this rate, I won't see him this year either!
If I just had a job...and decent money....I'd go to my divorce lawyer and see if there was anything he could do. But I'm broke, and he would want cash, so I'm stuck in that respect. Maybe I can try to get hold of one of those "public defenders" employed by the state...but as screwed up as this state is, not letting me know my son is over 1000 miles away, I doubt that would do any good.....
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Why does it seem like history is repeating itself?

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