April 23rd, 2002

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Another Virus Attempt....

Checked my email just a while ago, and someone tried to send a "W32.Klez.gen@mm" virus through my Hotmail account which I have set up through Outlook Express. Glad "Norton" caught it. Went to Symantec's website to see what kind of virus it was, this is what I found out...

Payload: This worm infects executables by creating a hidden copy of the original host file and then overwriting the original file with itself. The hidden copy is encrypted, but contains no viral data. The name of the hidden file is the same as the original file, but with a random extension.
Large scale e-mailing: This worm searches the Windows address book, the ICQ database, and local files for email addresses. The worm sends an email message to these addresses with itself as an attachment.
Releases confidential info: Worm randomly chooses a file from the machine to send along with the worm to recipients. So files with the extensions: ".mp8" or ".txt" or ".htm" or ".html" or ".wab" or ".asp" or ".doc" or ".rtf" or ".xls" or ".jpg" or ".cpp" or ".pas" or ".mpg" or ".mpeg" or ".bak" or ".mp3" or ".pdf" would be attached to e-mail messages along with the viral attachment.
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drink coffee

Second Time Today! Grrrrr......

Just got sent that SAME damned virus again! This time it came to my BellSouth address! The subject line said something about "Toshiba technical support". It tried to open before I could delete it, because I knew it was fishy to begin with, that's why I was going to automatically delete it without reading it! For one thing, I'm always suspicious of getting an email with an attatchment from someone I don't know...for another thing, I don't own anything made by Toshiba!
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