April 10th, 2002

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STUPID People Online...

There are some idiotic people online, I can tell you! I thought that I was computer illiterate...after an incident last night, guess I'm slightly smarter than I thought! Someone popped into my webcam chat area on Camarades, conversation went something like this:

OTHER: Hi, can you see me?
ME: Uh...no....
OTHER: Why not, my camera's on?
ME: What is your URL?
OTHER: What?
ME: Your URL....your Camarades page web address...
OTHER: I don't know if I have one or not.
ME: You need one on this site before anyone can see you.
OTHER: Well, my camera is on.
ME: In your Camarades software, click the button that says "Go To Your Home Page"
OTHER: I'm not using that, I'm using my Intel software.
ME: No wonder you don't have a page on the Camarades site.
OTHER: I thought this site let people teleconference
ME: In a round about way, it does, but you have to download the Camarades cam software, otherwise no one will see you.
OTHER: Why won't my Intel software work?
ME: Standard webcam software isn't set up to work with this site, or any other, it's just for taking snapshots or short movies with your webcam.
OTHER: Well, I don't want to download anything else, if my camera software doesn't work, this is stupid.
ME: No, THIS isn't stupid.....

Then, I graciously "Kicked" the idiot from the room! I mean, even I knew the first time I went to the websites homepage, what was needed to get my cam running....because I read the directions!
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Not sure why, but my mothers cat "Booger" next door has gotten into the habit of sleeping in her closet most of the day. My mother leaves the closet door open a little so he can get in there while she is at work. When I went over today to bring her the mail, I took the camera and snapped a picture of him, much to his suprise!

Once I find work, I think I'm definitely going to get me another cat....
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Ooooh! Two of my favorite women are on "David Letterman" tonight!...Sandra Bullock and Sheryl Crow!....Wish they were "on me" instead!
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