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March 5th, 2002

drink coffee

Got a Credit....

Ordered a three hour block of "adult movies" on Directv's "VividTV" channel so I could capture the second movie on tape. I prefer the older adult movies over the newer ones, because the older ones incorporated a plot. The second in the block was supposed to be "Insatiable" with Marilyn Chambers, Jessie St. James, and John Holmes. The second was no where near! This was after checking the Directv onscreen program guide and their website to confirm. I called Directv customer service, the phone person had to put me on hold to check with someone else, but they gave me a credit for the three hour block. At least Directv seems to be honest!
drink coffee

Double Darn It!

Two volumes of "Father Ted" are available on DVD...and I can't afford them since I'm out of work! Grrrrr!!!!
drink coffee

(no subject)

Happy Birthday darlingniki!!

drink coffee

Amusing News Story Of The Day....

This news story is so rediculous, it's funny...
drink coffee

Yet More Applications Filled Out...

Arrived back home around noon after putting in applications at Pizza Hut, Sam's Club, and Home Depot. Still no job offer has called...now I guess I'm going to be bored stupid the rest of the day. Feeling depressed, just feel like I can never do anything right...think I'm going to go to bed...