February 22nd, 2002

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I Am Really Pissed.....

Last month, being I rarely make long distance phone calls-and Sprint started charging $1.79 a month just to be listed on my phone bill whether I use it or not- I called BellSouth to drop Sprint completely from my bill(after calling Sprint first-they said I had to do that through my local phone company). I just got my new phone bill, and noticed it was higher than it was last month! I looked at the itemized items, the Sprint charge is still there, along with around $1.50 in charges by BellSouth stating the "long distance service" had been changed, and that was what they charged to do that.
I called BellSouth immediately, the guy on the phone said it showed that it was supposed to be removed, but Sprint was still charging, and that I would need to call Sprint to get the charge removed, he couldn't do anything about it. So, I called Sprint... they said I need to call BellSouth to get the charge dropped from the bill! Sounds like to me that I am getting the run-around! Damn bastards!
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