February 11th, 2002

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Second Night In A Row I Can't Sleep....

I went to bed about four hours ago, and, although I feel sleepy as hell, I can't sleep. My eyes are burning and watery. Really think the stress of not finding a job is getting to me, it's all I can figure as to why I'm having trouble sleeping.
So, now it's after 1AM, I'm up again. I noticed, after rebooting the computer, that my wallpaper mysteriously vanished. Guess it had something to do with my "optimizing" my computer earlier today. I deleted a ton of stuff I felt I didn't need (freed up 1.52GB on the hard drive) and I must have accidentally deleted my wallpaper somehow. I also defragged. I just did a search for new wallpaper, and found a very nice "Jessie Wallace" wallpaper on the BBC "Eastenders" website...

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Louisiana's Disappearing....

I just read an article in the newspaper that says...

"Conservative estimates -- meaning those doing the estimating didn't factor in global warming or whether it even exists -- show that Louisiana will lose 640,000 acres to the Gulf of Mexico between now and 2050, a chunk of land the size of Rhode Island."

Guess that means everyone around New Orleans will have to buy houseboats to live in!
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Would you survive a horror movie?

Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty
You made it through the flick, but, um, it's not a pretty picture. You're the bloody heap in the corner who everyone thought was dead until you stumble into the hero's arms after the bad guy bites it (think Jamie Kennedy in Scream). You are a smart and fiesty person, but you're also a little reckless and you tend to put yourself in awkward positions -without a good weapon. But even though you get sliced up a bit, you get to survive and that's all that matters. Who needs all those toes, ears, and arms you'll be missing by the end of the flick anyway?
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