January 31st, 2002

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Third Unusually Warm Day In A Row!...PLUS: A Rant!

Really bizarre weather for this time of year. Normally in the low 40's, but the last three days have been in the 70's, and the nights in the 60's! Got open windows and a fan running again! I'm sure it won't last though!

I got logged into AOL Messenger finally, found out from some nice friends that AOL is up to their monopolistic practices again and trying to block third party messengers from access. What was strange, neither the real AOL Messenger OR Trillian would log in until I upgraded Trillian! During the Congressional hearings during the merger of AOL and Time Warner, wasn't one of the provisions of letting the merger go through that AOL had to make their messenger compatible with other messengers? Whatever happened to that?

AOL is stupid anyway, they are currently trying to sue Microsoft for monopolizing the Internet Explorer browser over Netscape. WTF is AOL trying to prove with that? AOL owns Netscape, yet,from what I understand, supplies Internet Explorer in their software! They are digging their own grave on that respect!

"AOL....So Easy To Use....No Wonder It's Only For Idiots!"
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