January 22nd, 2002

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I've decided I don't like the new way I put my webcam online,mainly because I can't figure out how to make just the picture refresh, instead of the whole page. I'm going to delete that page as soon as Homestead gets finished doing "system upgrades" and I can get in to edit my site. From now on, I'm leaving my cam at the old site, at least there, the whole page doesn't refresh! Also, I've never figured out how to do a "remote window" for the cam, so, makeshift instructions for a remote will be placed on the cam page, once I get the Camarades editor to co-operate with me! Currently can't seem to edit either the cam page or my Homestead site!
In the meantime....
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Is anyone else getting sick and tired of constant "porn ad" messages popping up four or five times an hour over ICQ messenger? It seems they didn't start until the newest release of the program? I'm using a "third party" messenger, and I'm still getting them! I'd hate to get rid of ICQ, because I have a few friends that only use it and nothing else. Also, I don't want to set the security to people only on my list, because I may never meet any new friends down the line. ICQ used to be a nice program, until AOL bought them out a while back. Leave it to the dickheads at AOL to screw up something that used to be good!
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