December 31st, 2001

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Rats? Mice?

I keep hearing scratching noises in the ceiling. Wondering if there are rodents in my attic. Don't really want to try and check, because there is too much effort involved to get in my attic. I would have to go outside, get a tall ladder, climb it, take a grate off the side of the I said, it's not worth the effort...
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My Resolutions...

I'm making three resolutions this year, hopefully I'll be able to follow through on at least one!
1] To find a job by the end of January, even if I have to pester the heck out of all these places I've already applied at!!!
2] To not buy or drink any alcohol of any kind for the whole year...means I need to finish off the half a bottle of Evan Williams in the cabinet before midnight!
3] To get some sex at least once this next year! (This last one is probably the least likely to be followed through's been 5 years since the last time, and none in sight, unless someone just shows up at my door some evening!)
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You know you are bored when you decide to turn on your webcam, and decide to point it out the window towards the road, because you feel you are too bored to have people currently look at you!
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