December 22nd, 2001

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I have always been a fan of old time radio shows. Years ago, I had bought numerous shows on LP from a company called "Radiola". Tonight, I was just searching the web, and ran across a site I think I can get addicted to...

For a small monthly fee, they give you access to over 2000 old radio shows you can download in MP3 format onto your computer. They allow up to 750 downloads each month, so the small fee is a tremendous bargin, especially compared to those LP's I used to buy! And the sound quality is relatively good, considering the age of the recordings! I'll probably convert them to .wav format and put them on CD's to listen to on my stereo. I have already downloaded six shows(thank goodness for DSL!), two Jack Benny Shows, two "Suspense" episodes, and two "George Burns/Gracie Allen" shows.

I have a feeling my old radio show collection is going to start growing immensly!
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Never Heard Of This Format Before...

Today, I decided to transfer some of the old radio shows I downloaded onto CD's. Well, I open "Easy CD Creator" and attempt to add the shows to a CD so I can listen to them on the stereo. I get a window popping up saying the "file extention is not supported". I look at the file extentions on the downloads for the first time, and it isn't ".mp3" as I assumed it was, it is a format I'd never heard of... ".mpga".
I then, say to myself, "Okay, I'll just turn it into an MP3 with my "dbpowerAMP Music Converter"." Turns out the version I had didn't support the format either. So, I go to the "dbpowerAMP Music Converter" website, and lo and behold, they had a newer version which supported that format, so I updated my older version. According to the converter's website, .mpga is a new compression technique called MP3Pro. Instead of MPEG 1-3, it encodes a MPEG 2-3!
Anyway, to make a long boring story short, I can now convert those .mpga files to regular MP3's and drag them into Easy CD Creator to make audio CD's out of them, so I am content again! :-)
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