December 21st, 2001

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Finally Finished!

After putting it off for a long time, I finally finished making those CD's for my friend. There were a ton of 45's he wanted me to transfer to CD for him, and I just spent the better part of the last two days finishing them. I was able to download most of the songs, which made things a little easier, and a few I had on CD myself, so I duplicated them from the CD's. Think I only had to use about 10 of the actual 45's. Since the CD's have been recorded, I just finished deleting the music from my hard drive. I was down to just over one gigabite of free space left with all that music on it!

On Another Note...
I got a letter from "Support Enforcement" yesterday, saying they "cannot give me the ex-wife's current address", that I will have to contact her through the state agency instead, to arrange to see my son! It's a little late now to write back down there to see about getting him over the holidays, it took them over a week to reply to my first letter!
Is it me, or is this state's laws totally fucked up? I feel I should know at all times where my son is, after all, I am sending the child support on time every month!
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