December 10th, 2001

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Glad My Website Isn't On BellSouth!....

If my website were on BellSouth, instead of Homestead, I'd apparently never be able to change anything on it! Still can't log into their FTP server! Keep getting a window up saying "Could not login to the FTP server with the username and password specified." I called them, but they only said they had "someone looking into it". Went to the BellSouth ADSL newsgroup, and apparently I'm not the only one having that problem!
It's strange, my connection has stayed reliable, but everything else BellSouth has is suddenly getting quirky.
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What Is That Bitch Up To Now?

Not going to repeat myself by explaining what is happening first, I'll just post a copy of the letter I just mailed to "Support Enforcement", it should explain it all...


To Whom It May Concern,

I hope I am writing to the right department. I have attempted to get in touch with my
ex wife about possibly getting my son for a visit during the Christmas holidays, but so
far haven’t been able to. Her telephone and pager have apparently been disconnected,
and the place she worked for, tells me she is no longer employed there. I sent some
gifts for him on his birthday, but so far have gotten no reply as to whether or not he
received them.
Although I have been job searching for about four months now with no luck yet
finding one, I have been mailing my child support payments each month to the "CCU"
address, I have no intention on falling behind on them. Being I am keeping up with my payments, I feel I should be able to keep in contact with my son, and know his location at all times.
It was mentioned by her a while back, before I was unable to contact her, that she had some kind of "court date" to go to. I know, by living with her while we were married that she is a very dishonest and crooked person. If she is in some sort of severe legal trouble and gets "put away", my son should be here in West Monroe with me!
It just seems to me, being all of a sudden, I have not been able to contact my ex,
that something shady may be going on down there. Please, any assistance you can
give me in this matter would be highly appreciated.

Albert Sims
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