December 6th, 2001

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I check my email this morning, and there is a message from LiveJournal telling me my account has expired, two years ago! And I'm paid up until November 11,2002! It even says I'm paid until 2002 on my user info page!
The Email


Greetings from LiveJournal!

First off, I wanted to thank you for being a member. I also wanted to
let you know that your membership expires on 1999-11-11.

You can renew any time: new time you purchase simply extends your
membership, so you don't "lose" your current remaining time. You can
renew your membership immediately by visiting LiveJournal's online
payment site at

While there are a lot of nice LiveJournal features available only to
members that make membership worthwhile (with more "members only"
features in the works...), we think the biggest reason to renew your
membership is because you are helping to support a community that you
care about and that puts its users first.

LiveJournal prides itself on being supported and developed by the
people who use it. We are run primarily by dedicated volunteers from
around the world. We don't want the uglier, more commercial aspects
of the Internet to intrude on things as personal as someone's
journal. That's why LiveJournal is completely banner free! We intend
on keeping it that way, but that means that we must rely on your
support to keep us going.

Please take the time to visit
and renew your membership. There are membership levels as inexpensive
as $5 for two months, all the way up to $25 for a yearly
membership. As always, the membership dollars go to paying the
day-to-day expenses of running LiveJournal.

As an example of how expensive it can be to run LiveJournal, there are
over a dozen business-class servers powering LiveJournal. It also
costs LiveJournal thousands of dollars a year to co-locate the servers
and pay for network access. Frankly, Since we double in size every
three months, we regularly need additional servers to keep up with

Our goal is for LiveJournal to pull ahead of the constant need for
server upgrades, adding additional servers to increase performance and
reliability. LiveJournal users will benefit from a much faster
service able to support a wide variety of great new features that will
improve upon what is already one of the best online communities in the

I hope I've convinced you that LiveJournal membership is something
worth having, but if you're not entirely convinced yet, I'd like to
hear from you and find out what would convince you to become a
LiveJournal member again. Please feel free to email me at if I can be of any assistance.

Many thanks,

Mark Kraft

So, I sent them a harsh email, with a copy of my "PayPal" receipt copied and pasted in! You don't think there's some dishonesty afoot at LJ do you???
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Speed Test...

I just did another online "internet connection speed test" at the DSL Reports website. I'm still more than happy with my speed, which is much higher than it was when I had dial up(was averaging 24kbps then), but it seems my DSL speed has fallen a bit from when I first got it back in May, it was over 1 mbit then, and now the test report shows...