November 11th, 2001

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Nicked from Kryten who nicked it from Masked Marvel...

    My last good....

Read: "Vespers" by Ed McBain
Film: Miss Congeniality
TV: "America's Most Wanted" last night on Fox
CD: "Ray Of Light" by Madonna
Holiday: Northern Arkansas, in the Ozarks, in 1981
Buy: "The Sopranos" second season DVD box set
Meal: Pepperoni Lovers pizza last Wednesday from Pizza Hut
Laugh: the "Carol Burnett Show" video I got in yesterday from Columbia House
Cry: "Eastenders" week before last
Sex: that one time in late 1997 a girl I've known since elementary school came
by and made me very "happy"...only thing was, she's married...
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