October 22nd, 2001

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Looks Like The People Hosting My Radio Station...

...are really on their toes and very alert! Just got an email from them...

"It has come to our attention that someone is circulating a hoax letter
containing a virus. It purports to be from a "Michael Tulaton, Technical
Director, Live365", with a return address of "Support@live365.com" and
claims that the enclosed binary is of "a new Version of the Live365-Loader".

THIS LETTER IS A HOAX and is not from Live365!!! Do not open the attachment.

There is no such person and no such position at this company, and never has
been. As a matter of policy, Live365 will never send out software as an
attachment to an e-mail.

Director of Engineering
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(no subject)

Just got finished editing a few links on my Cheap Home Page to reflect a slight change that will soon be effective on my Online Radio Station[TRS Jukebox:Hit Songs]. If anyone out there occassionally listens to this station, through anything other than the proprietory Live365 player(like me, I use Winamp), RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, etc., you will need to change the URL in your player from "http://www.live365.com/stations/251920" TO "http://www.live365.com/play/251920". In other words, just replace the word "stations" with the word "play".

I just received this information a few minutes ago in another email from Live365. They are switching to new servers, I'm assuming that's why the change in URL. Original text of email:
"If your listeners access your stream through a bookmark
in a third party player like Winamp or iTunes, they'll
need to update their bookmarks from the old IP address
to the new Station address:


where "your-station-id-number" refers to the number at the
end of your Station Page URL.

So if your station page URL is


your station's address is now:


****NOTE: We recommend you use this address, instead of IP,
since this is a dedicated address to your station.

If your listeners access your stream via Player365 or the
Live365 directory, they'll be automatically redirected.

It's only bookmarks in third party players that are affected."

I think the old link may work at least until the end of the month, but the new settings are already effective!
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(no subject)

Sitting here watching "quality" television!

Jethro's opened his own restaurant, "The Happy Gizzard"!
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(no subject)

"Mary was shocked when she looked
up from her pumpkin carving to discover that
Tom had suddenly decided to stop his carving
and take a short nap."
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Hmm, Interesting...

NEW YORK, October 22, 2001 - Arbitron Inc. (NYSE: ARB) today announced that Internet-only broadcaster Live365 ranked as the number one network in the Arbitron Webcast RatingsSM in September.

Webcast networks are defined as radio station owners that stream their content online or companies that aggregate online audio programming. Webcast networks are ranked according to their total monthly aggregate tuning hours (ATH) - the total sum of hours that listeners tune to a given station.

Live365 - an Internet radio provider that enables consumers, terrestrial radio stations and organizations to create their own radio stations or listen to thousands of stations created by others - was listened to for almost five million ATH. RadioWave ranked second with 900,200 ATH. Moving into the top five, Public Interactive ranked third with 759,200 ATH.

SOURCE: http://www.arbitron.com/webcast_ratings/home.htm
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