October 1st, 2001

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My friend James stopped by and said he's leaving his wife(his second one). He is currently moving his stuff back over to his parents house. He stayed here twice before when he and the woman had arguements, but he doesn't want to impose on me this time, besides, after he gets his divorce, his parents are going to give him his grandmother's old house to live in.
Seems his wife is letting her daughter's boyfriend move back in again, her daughter being only 16. James doesn't want the guy in the house, and I can't blame him. Besides, what kind of mother lets her daughter's boyfriend move into the house at that age? James has two daughters from his previous marriage who live with his ex wife, and he and the new wife had no children together, just her daughter from a previous marriage. There was also a broken window at the house, which his wife didn't tell him about until they were at the fair the other evening. The divorce shouldn't be too messy, since they had no children together, and the house belonged to the woman when they met.
Maybe this time, he'll come to his senses and not marry again. I know I refuse to, and I was only married once!
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