August 30th, 2001

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Just dropped my domain site, , because my money is getting extremely tight and I can no longer afford the extra $14.95 a month. In a sense, I'm also losing the domain name too, because, since I had the site hosted through a Network Solutions company, in order to maintain the domain name after dropping the site, I would have to shell out another $35, which I also can't afford at this time.
Since I already have lots of space on my Homestead site, more than I may be able to fill anyway, I'm in the process of "recreating" the Tape & Record Show site there, since Homestead allows you to make as many web sites as you want on your alloted space. I have 25MB there total, and so far, have only used 5MB. The Homestead site is considerably cheaper anyway, $19.95 a year, and I already have a year paid for, with around 9 months left before I'll have to renew. Homestead is also more "flexible" design wise.
The old Tape & Record Show Enterprises site should be up until September 12, according to the cancellation email they sent me, since I'm paid up till then.
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Two More Applications Today

I went to Captain D's to get a fish dinner, and noticed they were taking applications (guess the one I put in a little over a month ago must of been void), so I filled out another and turned it in.
Also, filled out an online application for the local Radio Shacks and sent it off. Don't think I'll stand much of a chance on that one though...under the resume/education section, all I could put down was my High School education and the fact that I've never worked in "retail", but I already know, from years of shopping there and subscribing to audio and video magazines, how most things in those categories work and what cables and adapters would be needed to connect them. I can honestly say I know a lot about home electronics (not necessarily computers though). Like when I went to Radio Shack looking for one of those wireless devices to transmit audio from the computer to my stereo in the other room. The saleslady said they had something that would work with video/audio equipment, but not a computer. I looked at the device she said wouldn't work, and I informed her it would work, all it needed was a certain audio adapter cable, which I also found on my own for $4.99! So already, I feel I know more than the folks they have working there currently!