June 25th, 2001

drink coffee

Disappointing News...

I was going to try to have my son here a couple weeks next month, but looks like I'll have to wait until August, shortly before he goes back to school. My mother finally got in touch with the ex, through the ex's mother. Turns out, her boyfriend's mother hasn't seen the new baby yet, and she wants him, his son, and Andrew, to come up to Nebraska for a month for a visit, suppossidly to give Kelly a "break" from the two children. The trip is suppossidly already planned out, so looks like I'll have to wait another month to get my son :(

In other news, I put in job applications today at some grocery stores: 2 Brookshires, 1 Super 1 Foods, and the Albertson's store. No bites yet, but at least they have my applications :)
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