June 11th, 2001

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Well, I put in for the domain name I want through Network Solutions. Had put it in through Zyweb Tuesday before last, and they STILL say it is "pending". Everyone says Network Solutions is faster, guess I'll find out. Zyweb hadn't even registered it yet. Once it goes through though, I'll use it on my Zyweb site, because I haven't found any other web building tools so easy and extensive as theirs.
Wrote an email to Zyweb Wednesday and got a reply Thursday:

Dear Albert,

Owing to a lost batch of e-mail recently that was beyond our control, a
number of domain name requests have been delayed. Normally, they would be
very quick, a day or two at the most. We have recovered the lost batch of
e-mail and are now processing the backlog., Hopefully, your domain will be
active shortly.

Rob Bowker,
ZyWeb Technical Support

Just sounds like to me they were procrastinating...
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Amazing What You Can Do With PhotoShop...

I wasn't born the year my parents married, but I wondered what it would be like if I had been, say, three years old at the time. So, I took one of the original wedding photos, my dad and mom to the left, the preacher far right...

also, took a picture of myself at three years old.....

and after about 2 hours of editing, came up with this....

Tacky, yet fun! Printed it, showed it to my mother, at first she didn't seem to notice anything unusual!
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Forgot to provide the link to the broadcasts in the last entry, although it's accessable by clicking the "Live365" link on the Tape & Record Show page. You can get to the broadcast page HERE!
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