May 19th, 2001

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Is There A Resemblence Or Is It Just Me?

I was feeling a little nostalgic a while ago and was thumbing through old photo albums, when I ran across an old school pic of my father taken sometime between 1929-1932 (the handwriting on the back had water damage, couldn't tell if it said he was 11 or 14 at the time), and an old school pic of me taken in third grade in 1974, and it just seemed almost everything except the overalls were uncannily the same....
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covid19, face mask

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Just took another of those "dream date" quizzes, this one on the BBC's Eastender's Site. "Eastenders" is a British soap I've gotten interested in here lately airing on BBC America Monday,Wednesday, Friday, at 10am and 4pm central time.

Congratulations, meet your dream date ....

Your Walford dream date is Kat Slater. You like a girl who knows what she wants, especially if what she wants is you. Be careful though, she might get a little bit too hot to handle!

The character is played by Jessie Wallace. The character might be a bit to handle, not sure about the actual actress.
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