April 21st, 2001

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I know nothing about legal matters. The state social services department sent the payroll deduction things to my place of employment, and they sent it to corporate headquarters, where payroll is located. They were supposed to be withholding $100 a month for the child support, but I get a letter from my employer's legal department saying they will only be withholding $46.12 every two weeks instead of $50.00, because, their exact words, "Louisiana law prohibits us from withholding more than 50% of your disposable wages."
Guess when I go down for this new court date this Thursday, I'll take the letter from Sonic and show it to the social services people in the court and/or the public defender and see what they say about it. I'm totally lost, and want to make sure I'm not going to get into any kind of legal trouble!
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Got Some "Classic" Films Yesterday...

Ordered some films I saw ages ago at a friends house, but haven't seen since (approximately early 1980's) on DVD. Had to order them from a mail order place though, since local laws don't permit those kinds of movies to be sold here where I live. They were: "Behind The Green Door"(Marilyn Chambers), "Debbie Does Dallas"(Bambi Woods), "Outlaw Ladies"(Samantha Fox,Veronica Hart,Juliet Anderson), and "Opening Of Misty Beethoven"(Constance Money,Jamie Gillis,Gloria Leonard).
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My uncle, who has been staying at my mother's since he split with his current wife, and just started a new job, apparently has been using free internet services that aren't so "free". My mother's phone bill, which is usually around $29, this past month was $137! She wasn't very happy with it, to say the least. My uncle is going to send a letter to the phone company to protest the charges.