January 18th, 2001

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Seems 2001 just isn't going to be my year! The parish courthouse called this morning and told me to come pick up those papers, because the form for the "stay of service" has to be mailed to the district attorneyin Livingston Parish. Went, picked them up, put them in an envelope, and put them in the mail.

Almost froze last night... heating unit quit working again! This time, it was the fan motor. Just two weeks ago, it was a "high limit switch". Before long, if parts need to keep being replaced, I'll have a whole new unit!
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Someone, not sure who or from where, attempted to put a virus on my computer today through Outlook Express. It had no name or subject line, and all that was on it was an attatchment called "DJMJPHDJ. EXE". Luckily, I seem to have an excellent anti-virus program, because it caught it before it did damage and eliminated it. The anti-virus program said it was a virus called "W95.Hybris.Gen.dr". So, if anyone reading this finds a fishy suspicious looking email fitting that description, DON'T OPEN IT!!!!!!
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