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New Trillian Client

I think I like the "new" Trillian chat client, Trillian Pro 1.0. I received an email from them tonight offering me Trillian Pro for free for a years use, since I have donated to them in the past. Regular price will be $25 a year to become a "Trillian Pro Member". It seems to have all the functionality that each seperate chat client has, including the webcam function in Yahoo! Also has optional "plug-ins" you can download, like News, Weather, a way to manage a WinAmp playlist inside Trillian, a mini-browser, pop-3 email checking and alerts, and more. I went to the site in the email, entered the "members" section with the password they provided, downloaded the new Pro version, and inserted my "key code" they provided to activate it. It's very spiffy! (Did I just use the word "spiffy"?? Ignore that...)

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