December 6th, 2000

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Well, the cat I was thinking of adopting has disappeared :-( . It ran outside the next morning and I haven't seen it since. Maybe later I'll get around to going to the River Cities Humaine Society For Cats and adopt one there for $20. At least it will already have it's shots and be spayed or neutered.
Spent about 6 hours last night at the local charity hospital. Woke up around 11pm unable to breathe clearly. Found out I've got ANOTHER DARN sinus infection! About the 5th or 6th one this year so far! Hope the shot and new kind of antibiotic they gave me this time works better than the others did! Had to call in to my new job this morning, something I hated to do, but if they have any arguements, I have a doctor's excuse.
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