October 27th, 2000

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Well, Wednesday, I went to the big McDonalds on North 18th street in Monroe for a new employee orientation. I start work at the one here in West Monroe Monday.
Saw another ex-Burger King employee there also. She is starting at another location this coming week. Seems because of all the b**l s**t going on at Burger King lately, EVERYONE is jumping ship! Two managers have also quit, and I found out one is now an assisstant manager at the North 18th location!
Yesterday, when I went to KMart to pick up a few things, ran across someone still at Burger King, but she said she was there at KMart to put in a job application. Pretty soon, there will only be the current manager and the big wigs from down south working for that Burger King. They won't have any regular employees left!
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