June 16th, 2000

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Hello to everyone reading this. I am fairly new to computers and have never posted a journal in my life! Either online or on paper. So here goes nothing!
I'm what most would consider a relatively dull person. My days mostly consist of going to work early in the morning and coming home in mid-afternoon. My job is one I enjoy, although I'm just making enough to squeak by on bills. I prefer staying home evenings over going places. My hobbies include television, movies, music, reading, and trying to figure out as much as possible about this computer gadget!
I was divorced in 1996 from a cheating spouse, and have a 6 (7 in December) year old son who lives with the ex in Baton Rouge. I have been strictly alone since the divorce, afraid to get into another relationship in the fear it will turn out like the last one.
Although, the last month or so, I've found this very nice person I've been chatting with online who lives relatively close to me. This person and I seem to have lots in common, and we seem to find out more each day. So far, she seems a lot nicer than the ex ever was and we have more in common than the ex and I ever did. Looking forward to actually seeing this person face to face one day.
Guess this is all I have for now. I'll try to update more when I have more!