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I Got A Curse Put On Me!

I seriously believe brandyp somehow put a "hex" on me the other day with THIS post, where she talks about having to buy a new mouse. Last night, I was moving my mouse, and the cursor started moving very "jerky", kind of like it was acting when I bought my new mouse pad a couple months ago. Well, I knew it couldn't/shouldn't be the new pad, they don't tend to wear out THAT fast. So, I took out the ball, cleaned the rollers(although they looked clean anyway) and re-assembled the mouse. It STILL moved in a jerky motion. I proceeded to check the connections, and nothing was wrong there either. So, I determined, after three years and 9 months, the ol' Compaq mouse that came with the PC had seen its "better days" finally. Unfortunately, my 5 year extended warrenty on the CPU and monitor doesn't cover the mouse, so I made a trip to Radio Shack and invested in a new "optical" model with a "scroll wheel", which I noticed about a week ago in their mailing for $19.99. So far, I'm impressed. It moves "really smooth" and has a setting where, if you move the cursor all the way off the side of the screen, it re-appears on the other side of the screen! The "scroll" feature is nice for scrolling up and down pages! The mouse feels a little lighter than my old one, so it will take some time to get the "feel" of it. It has the "Compaq" logo printed on it, like my old one, so it still "matches" the computer. You could either hook it up USB or PS/2, it came with a USB to PS/2 adapter. I hooked it up to PS/2 like my old one, because I've got TOO many USB devices plugged in already!

I'll have to give brandyp a spanking for "jinxing" my mouse! (Just kidding!)

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