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Not Quite Asleep Yet...Writing Letters...

Decided not to call that "Support Enforcement Services" since it's long distance. Instead, I just fired off a fiesty three page letter to the office, that I will mail Monday morning. In the letter, I basically informed those eggheads that I am not behind in my payments, that I have all my money order receipts to prove it, and if they need to see the receipts, it will have to be arranged at a local "Support Enforcement Services" office, since I cannot afford to travel to south Louisiana since I'm barely scraping by from paycheck to paycheck. And if they did not get certain money orders, I needed to know what month(s) they didn't get them, so I can run tracers on them.
Also, I asked them point blank why I was not informed my son was in Nebraska and I didn't find out until getting "payment coupons" from Nebraska. Told them I have no idea exactly where in Nebraska my son is...I can't even send him birthday cards! Accused them of being "cheap", since Nebraska has a toll-free number for their child support stuff, yet in Louisiana you have to call long-fecking-distance!
Went ahead and gave them Target's address, in case they want to start back withholding, on my little "part-time" checks. Also informed them that if we can't get their mess straightened out via mail or at a local office, I would be locating myself a public defender!

I just think it shows bad on a state when they start trying to pull the same bullshit the ex-wife tried around a year and a half ago. It brings them down to her level. (Yes, I told them that too in the letter, just didn't use the "BS" word...)

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