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Longer Day Than Expected...But Mo Money!

I was originally scheduled to work today from 1pm-8pm, but didn't clock out until about 10:15pm. Only had time for a 15 minute break the whole day too. The guy that was working "food avenue"(the snack bar thingy Target has up at the front of the store) had to leave early, so who did the supervisor come to first to ask to take over for him this evening? Me. I guess she was thinking of all those years I had in fast food. I didn't know the FIRST thing about "food avenue", but I told her as long as someone gave me an overview of what to do, I'd give it a try.
The guy that had to leave gave me a very fast 30 minute overview of the WHOLE area, and left me to it alone by 6:30pm. First time working a register in "real life", been trained on them, but this was my first time with actual money and customers. Guess I did alright throughout the evening, no one brought any food back that I prepared. But luckily for me, most were ordering just Icees, cold drinks, and popcorn. Sold one small pepperoni pizza and two hot dogs, and three cinnamin pretzels. The food thingy shuts down an hour before the store closes, so by 10pm, I pretty much had all the waste counted, and dishes washed. Now, I'm just going to lounge around and rest...go back to work tomorrow(as cart attendant again) at 4:30pm...

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