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"Louisiana State Dipshits"

Got a letter today from the state "support" office telling me I am in "arrears" on my child support. What the fuck? I have yet to miss a payment! Still have all my money order receipts! I go to the local office, they send me to another office, and THAT office sends me to another office clear across town! I get to that final office, they say I need to contact the office in south Louisiana that sent the letter, that they can't handle it here! I tried calling the number several times(long distance) and the line has been busy. Going to try to call those assholes again tomorrow!
I thought that by sending payments directly to the state, that I wouldn't be faced with "non-payment" issues again, like that shit the ex tried to pull about a year and a half ago. Guess I was wrong. The state offices are apparently as screwed up as that bitch is!
IF by chance my money orders got lost in the mail, they need to let me know what months they didn't get, so I can put tracers on the money orders. The letter I got today didn't even say how far behind I "supposidly" am!

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