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Taking Advice

Since I was off today, I decided to take my friend bair's advice and go out and get myself a good pair of shoes to wear to work. I decided on a pair of Reebok walking shoes. I looked at Mervyns first(since they are owned by the same company as Target and I can get 10% off there too), and Mervyns had a pair for $64.99. After seeing that price, I decided to "shop around" while out at the mall. I went to Sears next, which was my last stop. They had the EXACT same pair of Reebok walking shoes...regular price $59.99...on sale for $39.99! Needless to say, that was cheap enough, I decided to just buy them there!
After going to the mall, I went by KMart to buy some light bulbs, since I let myself run out completely. While there, I passed the DVD section, and just HAD to get the "Collectors Edition:Pulp Fiction". So, if anyone is looking for me, I'll be in the "living room" watching my movie, and having a few "drinks" since I don't have to be at work until 5:00pm tomorrow....

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