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So much for THAT idea....and other random thoughts...

I was "'chatting" with Susan the other night online(at least my internet hasn't went out...yet) and she suggested one day if we're off on the same day, we go to a movie. She asked were there any movies I wanted to see. First movie came to mind was "Road To Perdition". She told me if I get a chance, find out where and when it is playing. Looked up the local theaters on the internet earlier today. Neither of the two theaters here in town are playing the movie! Guess if I talk to her sometime tomorrow(I worked too late to catch her today) I'll need to let her know that movie is out...we'll have to figure out another one. When we finally get to go to the theater, hoping it'll be the new one they built around four years ago...haven't been inside it yet!

Oh...question: Is there something different about AOL's email from other services? She says she has sent me emails, but they keep coming back to her and I never get them.I got the first couple, but after that, they started getting "returned" to her. She recently got back online after being offline almost a year, and she's using some of those free AOL minutes off a CD. I suggested in a couple emails to her she try signing up for a Hotmail or Yahoo account and try using them to email me. Sent her the suggestions before leaving for work today, but so far, no return emails from her in sight. I know from listening to the people at TechTV that AOL is screwed up seven ways from Sunday...wondering if their email service is also....

I may leave my webcam on my Camarades site on tonight, although after watching a little TV, I'll probably doze off. Might start leaving my "Warped" cam on more often in the day hours when I'm home, and use the Camarades site at night more often, so as to not eat away at my "main cam page's" bandwidth.

**Telephone started working again around 11:30pm tonight, but will probably "die" again tomorrow night during the same time**

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