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More Interesting Feedback

Been getting more feedback from the people at the "BellSouth ADSL Newsgroup"....

Sounds like a failure in the slick. Tell them that you think there is a
problem in the slick down the street, since you can call it, here it ring,
yet it doesn't ring at the house, and no dialtone. Sounds like the card is
bad. Maybe some kind of power loss at the slick. Since the DSL works, the
line has to be in tact to the DSLAM. It is an equipment problem on
Bellsouth's end!


C, couldn't it be the SLC card? I agree that it could also be the OE. At
any rate, they need to change a pair in the slc, or on oe, or both!


Hadn't thought about the Pair Gain. My no dialtone was a bad OE but Burris's
neighbor had a bad PG card.
Could be either one of them. Many heads are always better than one.


This is exactly what happened to my neighbor last week. His card in the
SLC went bad and caused this problem. The good part was that he called
on a Sunday morning and within 1 1/2 hours, the tech was at the site and
had it repaired.


Hopefully BellSouth is on the "right track" this time, as in this post I made yesterday. Although it's taking them a lot longer than an hour and a half to get the damn thing fixed!

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