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What is it with the DISHONESTY in south Louisiana? First, the ex wife, who is from south Louisiana, cheats on me, thus the divorce, then in the courthouse, right after the divorce proceedings here in the parish, one of the ex wife's attorneys sticks his tongue out at my mother(which is unprofessional in ANY circle), and now I send a child support money order to the post office box the ex gives me, RESTRICTED DELIVERY, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, and get the return receipt back today with-not her name signed to it, but a "Yolonda L.Powell" name signed to it! And no recieved date written on the reciept by the postal clerk down there! If it is sent "restricted delivery" like I sent it, then only the person I sent it to is supposed to sign for it! Apparently EVERYONE in south Louisiana is DISHONEST!!! The ex, the attorneys, the postal clerks, AND the politicians-which I knew all along!

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