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Yet More Phone Updates...

The repair guy never showed. It's 8:58pm and the phone is dead yet again. I just did something the service representative suggested I try. She said, if the phone goes dead again, go outside to the "service box" outside my house and plug a telephone directly into the "test jack" located inside the box. She said if it works out there, the problem is inside my house. If it still doesn't work when plugging it in out there, she said the problem is elsewhere. Well, my hunch earlier was right. The problem is elsewhere, not inside my house. It is something those idiots are screwing up on! I called Susan's house earlier, don't think she was in from work yet, left a message on her machine, just telling her I was calling early, because I had a feeling the phone would die sometime after 8, and sure enough I was right! This telephone shit is pissing me off big time. Not sure how late I'm going to be up tonight, being I work in the morning, but if I'm up later when the phone starts working again, I'm calling them up and giving them a piece of my mind!

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