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More Phone Updates...

Sure enough, as predicted in my previous post, around 10:30pm last night, my phone started working again. It is DEFINITELY following a pattern, the past three nights only being out between around 7:30pm to 11:00pm. I called the number the repair guy left for me yesterday just a few minutes ago, he will be coming back out today. I told him, I don't think the problem is here, I think it is at the BellSouth offices, but he's coming back out anyway. He asked did I have some kind of security system in my home, he said that could be causing it, but no, I have no security system in this house. Only things hooked up to the phone line here are my phones, answering machine, caller-id, computer, and Directv box. Night before last, I tried unplugging my Directv box, just as a test, but the phones were still dead. Last night, throughout most of the outage, the computer was off, that made no difference either, phones were still dead. It has GOT to be something they are screwing up on!

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