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Dammit,fucking dammit!

BellSouth calls me just a little after 6pm this afternoon to confirm my telephone is working. I tell them it is. 7:30pm, I try to call the friend I was going to call last night. Damn phone is dead yet fucking again! My mom is still awake next door. I go see if her phone is working. It is. I call BellSouth. After being on hold almost 20 minutes, I finally get a repair representative on the phone. She tries to call my number, and says "there is apparently trouble in your line". No shit! Second evening in a row, at approximately the SAME time! They say they will try to have a repair person out by 6pm tomorrow. I don't think it has anything to do with the lines here in the house, I think it is somewhere on THEIR end, otherwise, why would it just be going out just in the evenings? It worked all day!

Damn pin-headed BellSouth pricks!

(The internet connection is still running "smooth as silk" however...)

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