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Telephone Pt.4/More Birthday Reminders

Got an email this morning from BellSouth...

Dear Albert Sims,

Thank you for contacting BellSouth regarding no dial tone for
318-3xx-xxxx. I will have a technician dispatched out by no later than
0600p on 08-22-02 to get this line repaired.

Should you need further assistance or have other questions, please reply
back to this e-mail and the BellSouth Online Customer Care team will be
happy to help you.


Bellsouth Repair

Not sure whether to call them to let them know the phones started working again late last night and seem to still be working, or let them send a technician out anyway...just in case...

In other another birthday card in the mail today, this time, from that finance company I borrowed money from a couple times in the past(it's been over 10 years since I did any kind of business with them, yet they send a card every year). Really don't want to be reminded of my birthdays unless I'm going to get some "intimate romance" on that day!

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