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Damn BellSouth!

Okay, this time I'm mad at BellSouth not for anything internet...I was going to try to call a friend, and every feckin' phone in the house is dead! No dial tone, the little green lights on the phone indicating phone line "power" aren't even working! Strange, though, my DSL, which is coming over the same line, is working just fine...go figure that the pin-heads at BellSouth would be THAT screwed up!

UPDATE: Just drove around an approximately 4 block area near my house trying to find a pay-telephone to call BellSouth about my problem, but every phone I saw(about six) were vandalized and not in working order! My mom next door has already gone to bed, so I can't find out if her phone is working or not...guess I'm stuck without a phone until sometime tomorrow...GRRRR!!!!!!

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