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Less Weight...More Weight

I've lost a few pounds pushing those carts on that hot parking lot at Target, how many I'm not sure, I just know my pants are starting to get looser in the waist. Haven't bought any bathroom scales since the ex took mine when she left in '96. However, if I eat like I just ate, I'll put the weight back on...just finished half a box of fish sticks with tartar sauce...there were 42 in that box...

My uncle Herbert(my dad's younger brother) came into Target Thursday, first time I'd seen him I think since my dad's funeral in 1991. I swear, the older that man gets, the more he could pass for Bob Hope's twin! Never told him that though, not sure how he'd take it!

I decided to compromise a bit on my chat software. I've been using "Trillian", and it all works fine except I can't get the minimumized windows in the IRC portion to flash when someone enters the room or leaves a message. So, I'm still using Trillian for AOL,Yahoo,ICQ,and MSN messengers, but went back to using "mIRC" for IRC. Just downloaded the newest version of mIRC, it finally sports a feature where you can set different "commands" when entering different servers, instead of just one set of commands that only applied to all.

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