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Door Sign

Okay, I think I have put up signs on both my front door and the door under the carport that will solve three problems in one swipe:
1) The problem of friends/relatives knocking on the door, but not knocking loud enough for me to hear when I am back here at the computer.
2) Those old "Jehova's Witnesses" ladies or people asking if they can pave my driveway or paint my house knocking on my door.
3) Those idiots that knock on my door at least twice a week asking if I know anything about that vacant house up the road.

After I got off work last night, made the mistake of going by Suncoast video and spending more money than I should on DVD's. Was too tired after getting home to watch any of them yet, so since I'm off today and tomorrow, I'll probably have me a few "strong ones", put the DVD's in, and watch them a little later...


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