Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

BellSouth Changes Pt.II

Just saw this in the BellSouth Personal Web Page Newsgroup...apparently the venting by numerous customers did some good...

Based on the concerns expressed here by concerned BellSouth Internet
customers, the decision has been made to remove all advertising on BellSouth
Personal Web Pages (PWP). Effective immediately, all ads are removed from
the new PWP FTP sites as well as from the "template" PWP service and the
"Community" service. In the short term, some ads may still appear on
"secondary" pages, but product development folks will be removing those

It is our intent to be responsive to BellSouth Internet customer concerns
while balancing our commitment to BellSouth shareholders by controlling
costs. However, as has been pointed out here and in other forums, little is
gained by trading increased revenue for customer dissatisfaction.

We appreciate everyone who took the time to express their thoughts on this
issue. Direct feedback from customers help us to be a better, more
responsive, company.


BellSouth Internet Services

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