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As The Worm Turns...

Went in earlier to Target to get my check. The supervisor said business has fallen off and this next week, the "cart attendants" may be each getting less than 15 hours next week as a result. Only working 6:00pm-10:30pm tonight, and 3:00pm-8:00pm tomorrow. If they start making a habit of only scheduling that few hours, I'll have to spend my spare time job hunting again. Wouldn't quit until I found another job though. The other day at work, I ran across one of my old bosses from Burger King, who is now the "district manager" in this area for "Popeyes Chicken". He said if things don't work out at Target, to give him a call personally(got his phone number). I'll wait about another week to see what Target's schedule after this coming week will look like, if it's no better, I'll give Danny a call....

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