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"Unusual" Pt.2

If anyone remembers this entry from September 29,2001, I guess this would be considered somewhat of a "sequel". My mother called me this morning and asked did I know a "Susan ****", I said yes and asked her why. She said one day last week, when I was working those late hours, there was a call on her answering machine while she was at work from Susan, wanting to know my phone number. My mother retrieved Susan's phone number from her caller-ID and just gave it to me. Apparently Susan thought my phone number was still unlisted, but if she was able to look up my mom's number in the book, mine is currently listed in the same section, under "Sims, Albert".
I'm just wondering what is up? If this might possibly be the "second chance" mentioned in the previous post or if she is just checking up on me. The timing coincides with seeing her friend Linda at Target one day last week(who I had also worked with years ago at Burger King). If I get off halfway "on time" tonight(supposed to be 7:30pm), I'll try to give her a buzz, and hopefully she won't be at work(she works at a local grocery store). Wouldn't want to call too late, might would wake up the house. Don't have time to try to call this morning...gotta get ready for work...


Got three nasty blisters on my left foot, one between my big toe and the next one, and one each on the two smallest toes on that foot...will have to "doctor" those and wrap them in band-aids before leaving for work also...

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