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It's Sonic...

Went to both job interviews yesterday. Sonic Restaurant was mainly looking for a cook/ sandwich maker, Taco Bell was looking for someone willing to make food and sometimes work register. In the 16 years I was at Burger King, I NEVER worked register, mainly for two reasons: a] I've never been comfortable dealing with money, b] I've never been comfortable dealing with people on a face to face basis. So, all things said, I took the job at Sonic, it is more along the lines of what I'm used to. Got to go in at 10:30am this morning(about an hour from now). But once my regular shift gets going, it will be 9am-5pm. Might take me a little while to get adjusted to the way Sonic does things, because it is considerably different than Burger King was.
Hate that my first day I'm going in really deprived of sleep though, that's not good. But I was up most of the night with that "acid reflux" problem I've had the last few years, and had no Pepcid to take for it. Got to remember to go by KMart after work and pick up another box!

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