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Just when I thought I might be getting a decent relationship going, my bubble gets burst! I had been talking to this girl I worked with at Burger King years ago, who had recently looked me up after her divorce. We had been chatting on the phone and online the past two weeks, mostly emailing back and forth. Well, in the last email, she said she doesn't think it will work between us because she thinks that most nights I go to bed too early (between 8 and 10), and she said that wouldn't work because she craves attention. Most of the time though, if I don't go to bed as early as I do, I'm terrible the next day. So, she said, if I don't think I can change, don't bother to email her back. So, I'm not going to email her back. I've tried to change in the past for others I've met, and they still always left me for someone else, so I'm not going to try to change for anyone else, it's not worth it!

Oh, and on the lighter side, I have an interview at the Sonic restaurant this afternoon!

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