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Might Get A Little Life Out Of The Ol' Scanner Yet...

I did some experimenting, found out if I scan with the "lid up" on the scanner, it scans okay. "Lid down"=screwed up scan. Strange...

Anyway, have you ever taken pictures of people when they least expect it? It's amazing the look people have on their faces!

Okay, this first one isn't actually a "person", it's my dog "Precious" I had for 17 years, in a picture from May 1978 catching her in "mid-yawn"...

Next, my eighth grade history teacher Ted Brode in a picture taken on the bus during a field trip to Natchez,Mississippi in May 1979. The results of yelling "Mr. Brode!" when his back is turned and suddenly snapping a picture...

Lastly, former local record store owner Dennis Goodwin in June 1984, caught by my camera in the same manner as the above teacher picture...

It's a wonder I didn't get killed at a relatively early age!

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